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Selected Articles

January 2021

I’m Never Taking Off My Wearable Blanket
Medium Editors’ Pick: Shanna Loga describes her ridiculous obsession with her wearable blanket (Slanket, Snuggie, Comfy). It’s turned her into a stinky, lazy, sexy couch potato.

After the Attack on the Capitol, My Husband Wants to Buy a Gun
Medium Editors’ Pick: Shanna Loga shares her reflections on a conversation with her husband after the attack on the US Capitol. His fear has led him to consider buying a gun.

December 2020

Calling Products “Pro-Aging” Doesn’t Change Their Message That Aging Is Bad
Shanna Loga shares her experience with anti-aging products and her reflections on the anti-aging industry. Our society values youth and beauty as well.

I Went 10 Months Without Experiencing a Racial Microaggression in Person
Shanna Loga details her experience of a racial microaggression at the post office and offers explanations for why microaggressions are so easily dismissed.

November 2020

Stop Snubbing the Suburbs
Featured in Human Parts. Shanna Loga discusses her personal journey to the suburbs. We’re all connected to different places and there’s more to the suburbs than meets the eye.

I’m Gonna Make You Feel Better by Telling You What You Already Know
Shanna Loga takes a satirical jab at unhelpful self-help gurus, bloggers, and “experts” who prey on our insecurities for profit.

October 2020

I’m Multiracial and It’s Awkward for All of Us: The challenges of confronting multiracial identity
Medium Editors’ Pick: Shanna Loga shares her personal perspective of her multiracial identity, the challenges of being multiracial, and opportunities for change.

Fleeting Light and Toddler Dreams
Shanna Loga describes through vivid prose the experience of watching her toddler sleep. A poem about the lightness and preciousness of childhood.

9 Reasons to Be Cautious About Using Life Hacks: Knowing the pitfalls can help
Shanna Loga covers the origin, history, and appeal of life hacks and lifehacking culture. She outlines the common pitfalls of life hacking and offers strategies for overcoming them.

5 Reasons to Consider Marrying a Geek: I’ll take my Urkel over a Stefan any day
Shanna Loga talks about the quirks and idiosyncrasies of her geeky husband and how he brings joy to her life by just being himself.

September 2020

Being a Woman With Short Legs Isn’t So Bad After All: There are some surprising benefits
Shanna Loga discusses the pros and cons of having short legs. Women with long legs are considered more attractive by men and in advertising. Short-legged women also have some distinct advantages, such as leg room!

Can We Hold on to Hope and Change in 2020?: Why my experience in Morocco with Obama’s 2008 election seems so long ago
Shanna Loga discusses her experience with Obama’s 2008 election in Morocco and explains why hope and change are still alive and necessary in 2020.

Should the US Abolish the Peace Corps?: The story behind one group’s grassroots effort to do just that
Medium Editors’ Pick: Shanna Loga’s interview with Decolonizing Peace Corps, a grassroots effort to abolish the Peace Corps. Their concerns include Peace Corps’ promotion of white saviorism, neocolonialism, American exceptionalism.

The Great Chasm
Shanna Loga’s poem about the wonders of the Grand Canyon and how it’s withstood the test of time.

I’m Only Attracted to White Girls: And other responses from white guys
Shanna Loga shares her experiences with attracting white guys growing up in the Midwest and explores the ideas of race, beauty, and attractiveness.

Does “Midwest Nice” Breed Racism?: George Floyd’s murder and Jacob Blake’s shooting happened in the heartland
Medium Editors’ Pick: Shanna Loga explores the concept of “Midwest Nice” in light of George Floyd’s murder and Jacob Blake’s shooting, suggesting “nice” really isn’t nice at all.

Your Child’s Development is Not All on You: Milestones are about early intervention, not competition
Shanna Loga describes the pressure parents face to help their children reach developmental milestones. Often this is based on a misinterpretation of CDC Developmental Milestones.

August 2020

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From a Toddler: #1 Clap for yourself
Shanna Loga’s five lessons she learned from her toddler: clap for yourself, hug a book, see the world as your lab, move that body, and watch a butterfly.

The Pandemic Lemonade Stand: What’s wrong with a little neighborhood fun?
Shanna Loga tells the tale of the neighborhood lemonade stand, what it means in the time of COVID-19 coronavirus, and how it met its swift demise.

How I Used Habit Building to Overcome My Fear of Writing: My story and strategies for starting and maintaining a daily writing habit
Using James Clear’s habit-building guide, Shanna Loga shows a step-by-step approach to building a 1,500 word a day habit and conquering a fear of writing.

Two Neighbors on Opposite Sides: And an act of kindness between them
Shanna Loga’s story about neighbors separated by class and beliefs and her attempt to bridge the divide through an act of kindness.

Why Everyday Experts Need Compassion, Too: On social media, everyone’s an expert
Shanna Loga explores the role of the everyday expert on social media and recommends compassion for these content creators and understanding for consumers.

July 2020

Can We Be Likable and Authentic?: The answer is complicated
Shanna Loga explores authenticity and likability and questions whether it’s possible to be both, particularly when you’re outside the dominant culture.

My Daughter Wants to Play With the Neighbor Boy: The guilt of social distancing with an only child
Shanna Loga shares her guilt of social distancing with her 18-month-old daughter during the coronavirus pandemic and offers coping strategies.

From Hot-ish to Mom-ish: How I went from fighting my age to embracing it
Shanna Loga shares her experience going from hot in her 20s to not in her 30s and shares her quips, small humiliations, and personal observations.

If I Were a Stand-up Comedienne: An escape fantasy of a nearly 40-year-old mom
Shanna Loga shares a fantasy where she’s a comedienne and can share her real thoughts on her biracial brown race and identity in America.

Brown People Can Tan Too: The fight against colorism is personal and political
Shanna Loga is Indo-Mauritian and white and shares her experiences with colorism. She suggests that while it is systemic, one can change at the individual level.

Finding My Postpartum Body Mantra: How I discovered my mantra and learned to own my body image
Shanna Loga offers mantras for new moms and those with postpartum depression to help enhance their body image. Women as mothers and parents are beautiful and this article serves as a reminder.

June 2020

How to Be an Ally When You’re an Introvert
Shanna Loga shares her own struggles with being an ally as an introvert. She offers steps for engaging in tough conversations about race as an introvert.

Social Distancing? I’ve Been Doing That for Years
In the age of social distancing and coronavirus, Shanna Loga reflects on her social anxiety due to her multiracial identity.